Why Land-based Bingo is Faltering yet Online Bingo Thrives

August 9th, 2018

The following are some of the reasons why many bingo players prefer to enjoy the game online rather than offline.

Just like most casino games, bingo exists in two major versions: land-based and online. At the heart of these versions lies one thing: they are basically the same. The players still win or lose the same way, and the rules are identical. However, to say that online bingo has, over time, overtaken its land-based big brother would be an understatement. While new online bingo sites spring up every day, real bingo clubs are closing down, and we cannot lay all the blame on these websites.

The decline of land-based bingo clubs started as early as the late 1980s. Sure, you will still find a couple of bingo clubs existing in most major cities across the world, but with the huge popularity that online bingo enjoys, is it really worth visiting an offline bingo hall? The following are some of the reasons why many bingo players prefer to enjoy the game online rather than offline:

  1. Privacy

    If you’re the type that puts privacy above everything else, then playing bingo online is the way to go. This is especially important if you want your gaming to go undetected by your nosy friends, neighbors, and family. Bingo websites allow players to create a username of their choice. It’s this username that other website users will see, not your real name. As such, no one can know how much bankroll you spend on gambling unless you share the information with them. Unfortunately, bingo clubs simply cannot provide this level of privacy and anonymity.

  2. Socialization

    Bingo players love to interact, which holds true for both online and land-based bingo games. Land-based bingo allows players to mingle and huddle only during breaks. It is all a different matter once the game starts. In online bingo, players continue to interact throughout the game. They can utter words of encouragement or praise and exchange views with bingo “roomies” via the chat functionality.

  3. Bonuses

    The bonus situation is one of the biggest advantages of playing online bingo. With thousands of bingo sites, competition for players is very high. So, each site tries to find a way of not only attracting new players but also retaining their old gamers. On the contrary, very few actual bingo clubs offer players bonuses. This is because brick-and-mortar bingo clubs are very few; hence, the competition for players is almost non-existent. You could easily count physical bingo clubs that are in existence!

  4. Safety and Security

    You’ve probably heard that some bingo sites are not safe, but truth be told; this is very uncommon. All bingo sites operate under strict regulations. If such sites did not meet the safety requirements, they would simply not be licensed to carry out their operations. If you’re using an e-wallet as your method of payment, the probability that somebody can access the details of your credit card is almost zero. As a matter of fact, each bingo site has online security measures in place to ensure all your transactions remain secure.

    On the other hand, land-based bingo halls pose security threats to players. How many times have you walked home from a bingo hall with thousands of pounds (winnings) in cash and everyone at the hall knew about it? Leaving a bingo hall with cash winnings could see you return home as a loser, and of course, could also offer the threat of possible injuries sustained during a robbery.

  5. Convenience

    This is perhaps the biggest advantage that playing online bingo enjoys over visiting land-based venues. Do you have to play land-based bingo at a particular time? Yes. What about the online version? No. While land-based bingo games are tied to a fixed schedule, online bingo games can be played at any time; the internet never stops. After long hours of work, you may probably not feel like visiting a physical bingo hall. Instead, you can play bingo online from your home. With online bingo, there is nothing like worrying about missing a game because of bad traffic. In fact, you don’t even have to dress up for online bingo - you can enjoy the game as long as you want while wearing your pajamas. Can you imagine the cold stares you would get if you strolled into a bingo hall wearing pajamas or with your hair in curlers?

    Moreover, going to a bingo hall means you have to play whatever game the club offers. In online bingo sites, things are completely different, as there is a wide array of rooms and games to choose from. You get to play what you like.