Top Mobile Payment Methods for Quick Gaming on the Go

April 19th, 2018

Thanks to our mobile phones everything can be done a lot quicker. In the recent years, we've seen a significant increase in mobile payment services, facilitating payments online and in store.

When you pick up your mobile device and touch the bet button, you typically have one thing on your side: speed. Thanks to a myriad of features, mobile gaming is quicker and slicker than its desktop cousin. Whether you're looking to simple touch controls or the way every page element is optimised to be as direct as possible as evidence, mobile casinos are quick and easy to use. Now, that’s not to say this way's better, but if you’re looking to play in the most efficient way, you should really game on the go.

With everything tailored towards speedy interactions, it makes sense that betting operators also want to ensure you can make quick transactions. To do this, they need the help of the best mobile payment processors in the business. Fortunately, given that we live in a mobile world, the top processors allow you to make deposits and withdrawals via your device. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top mobile betting payment solutions for swift transactions.


Arguably the largest payment processor in the world, PayPal boasts a number of advantages when it comes to mobile casino payments. Deposits can be taken from your PayPal balance or your bank account. Either way, the money is available instantly and credited to your betting account within 30 seconds.

What’s more, if you’re using your smartphone, you can save your login details for easy access and enable the OTP feature. With this, you’ll receive a text message containing a code each time you try to login. This added layer of security makes it extremely tough for a criminal to make fraudulent transactions. Finally, because it’s an eWallet, PayPal withdrawals take just a few hours to complete. So, as long as the mobile betting site you’re using has swift processing times, you could receive your winnings the same day you request them.

Skrill 1-Tap

Virtually every seasoned online casino, poker and sports bettor will have either seen or used Skrill before. An offshoot of Neteller and designed specifically for online betting and gambling transactions, Skrill is a service that’s not only guaranteed to process betting payments (some processors still create issues) but keep them secure. In line with its pro-betting ethos, Skrill rolled out its 1-Tap system. Featuring all the same levels of security and efficiency, Skrill 1-Tap has one advantage for mobile users and that’s the everything is available with one tap.

After your initial transaction with Skrill 1-Tap (where you’ll have to enter your account details manually), everything is stored on your device. Thanks to this, you can tap the Skrill option on your chosen betting site, enter the amount and hit 'deposit'. This three-move sequence takes less than a few seconds, as does the processing of your payment. On the way out, Skrill is identical to PayPal in that its online service can accept payments faster than your bank. Skrill 1-Tap withdrawals can be completed within 24 hours in most cases.

Pay by Phone

If there’s any indication that mobile casino, poker and sports betting are becoming the dominant forces in the industry, it’s pay by phone deposits. Using payment and software providers such as Payforit and Boku, betting operators now offer a way for you to deposit using your phone bill. Instead of asking you to input a ton of personal and financial information, pay by phone casino deposits are charged to your bill. Regardless of whether you’re a pay monthly or a pay as you go customer, the amount you want to deposit will either be added to your bill or deducted from your available credit.

This system has two advantages. Firstly, it’s highly secure. As you don’t need to supply any personal details, it’s extremely hard for fraudsters to target you and breach your bank account. Moreover, the maximum you can deposit using this system is £30, so you won’t lose a fortune. Secondly, your bill is inextricably linked to the phone in your pocket, so the option is always there. Regardless of where you are or the payment methods you have on you, pay by phone casino, poker and sports betting deposits are available. The only drawback with this system is that you can’t make withdrawals. For deposits, however, this is a slick way to pay.

Prepaid Card

The final mobile payment method you should consider if you value safety and speed is prepaid card. Whether it’s an operator card or one of the major brands such as Paysafecard, this option provides an easy way for you to pay because you don’t need to enter any bank details. One of the main reasons players who use their debit/credit card to make mobile betting payment struggle is because they don't have their card to hand when they need it.

Prepaid cards solve this problem because you simply pay ahead of time and then enter a unique code when you want to make a deposit. As well as being quick, it’s secure because there isn’t a direct link for fraudsters to follow back to your bank account. In fact, when you break it down, that’s the benefit of every method we’ve listed. As you don’t need any bank details, you’re not only able to make quick mobile deposits, but safe ones. That's the key reason why you should consider any of the methods we’ve mentioned when you want to game on the go at our recommended online casino, poker and betting sites.