Top Mobile Casino Games for Gaming on the Go

May 18th, 2018

Though mobile gaming is simpler than ever, the rapid changes still present new challenges as players race to keep up. Many wonder which games they can actually play effectively on mobile devices.

Gaming on the go is easier than ever, but that poses an entirely new set of problems. Which games can you play on the go? Which games are best suited to fast play? Which games won't make you miss your train/meeting/entire working day because you were stuck on a particularly tense hand? These are important questions.

That's why we've come up with a few traditional casino games that are the best for on-the-go gaming in which you can enjoy a few minutes' fun.


Blackjack is probably one of the most fast-paced casino games you can play. Hands usually only take a couple of minutes, if that, which means it's a perfect choice for an afternoon coffee break or killing a few minutes while you wait for a friend to arrive.

That said, things will slow down the more players that are involved. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means that playing alone is probably best if you have limited time. If you've got a bit more to kill, look for online games that include more players. This makes blackjack a really good choice in almost any on-the-go situation.

Video Slots

Rather an obvious one perhaps, but online slots are perfect for playing when you're traveling or on a lunch break because games tend to last no longer than five minutes at a time. This means you can get a fair few spins in if you want, without worrying about committing to a game with other players.

Some of the more complicated games are probably better suited to longer car journeys, as you can usually play these a little more tactically. The same could be said for a progressive slot too, unless you don't mind screaming like a mad person if you win the jackpot on a packed commuter train, which you probably wouldn't if you'd just won the jackpot.

Texas Hold 'em

One of the reasons Texas Hold 'em is so popular is surely down to the fact that it can be played fairly quickly, especially online in both video and live formats (although live streamed games might be a bit slower generally). On average, you can probably play around 20 hands in an hour, but this can vary based on the casino you're playing at and what kinds of Texas Hold 'em they have on offer.

It's well suited to 10-15-minute bus rides or when you've got a little bit longer than a few minutes, as playing pots to completion might take a little bit longer than something like blackjack or a video slot.


While you might have a mental image of bingo as the kind of game you can only play after a certain age on a Sunday in a huge hall devoid of sunlight, today's online bingo is about as far away from that as possible. Instead, you can play a variety of fast-paced games alone or with others and potentially win some decent prizes. What's more, you'll find that many online casinos are also offering bingo games in addition to the staple slots and table options.

While the general speed of play does depend on the kind of bingo game you're playing (more players will generally mean longer games, for example), you can often finish a round in a few minutes. It's a very social game too, so a good time killer for those long train journeys or if you're waiting for a flight.

This isn't a complete list by any means and you'll often find that simply browsing your favourite online casino for titles and different genres can turn up some new games that are just as viable for on-the-go play. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that while it's certainly fun to play when you can, be careful not to fall into the habit of placing actual stakes on every game you play – your bank balance might not thank you for it if you're playing slots or poker five to ten times a day.