Things Mobile Casinos Do Better

April 23rd, 2018

Players debate the merits of online casinos against traditional brick and mortar locations. Here's a few advantages of players who prefer to game on the go.

Brick-and-mortar vs the online casino: it’s a debate that rages on. There are folks on either side of the fence and those who are happy to dip their toes into both. It has to be said, though, that online casinos offer a number of distinct advantages over their land-based rivals. And here are just six of them…

  1. Quality AND Quantity

    Even the grandest brick-and-mortar casinos have limitations on the number of games they can offer and that is determined purely by the size of the real estate they have at their disposal. The beauty of online casinos is that there are no walls, no ceilings and no need for planning permission; and so there are no limits on the number of games they can offer their players.

    Head to your local casino and you're likely to see a few different tables set up – roulette and blackjack principally and maybe some slot machines too. Log on to your preferred betting site and check out the hundreds of slots, the myriad of table games and the unique versions of each you can try. If you're in the USA, for instance, you're likely to be playing American roulette.

    Online, you can play American, European, French, Multi-Wheel, Speed Roulette and many more versions. The same principle applies to blackjack and other table games and so the most obvious advantage of visiting an online casino is the sheer wealth of game types available.

  2. Bonus Bonanza

    How many brick-and-mortar casinos are willing to give their customers free spins or bonus cash to play with simply for walking through the front door? The answer is very, very few and this is another area where online casinos clearly excel.

    Most online firms offer a welcome package of some kind. It could be a deposit bonus, play money or free spins and while there are wagering requirements to overcome, ultimately the welcome bonus is something that allows gamers to build their bankroll for free, with minimal hoops to jump through.

    And the fun rarely stops there either. Many online casino brands will reward existing customers for their loyalty, either through a points-based VIP system or through reload bonuses, further deposit bonuses, prize giveaways and more.

  3. Kings of Convenience

    The rise of affordable ‘smart’ technology has driven the growth of online casinos and now many of us have a working casino in our pockets. The capabilities of smartphones and tablets means we can play the latest games on the move, with no loss of speed or quality.

    You can load up your favourite casino titles at the push of a few buttons. There’s no need to make travel plans to get to your local casino, no need to head to the cash machine and certainly no need to even run a comb through your hair!

  4. Fast and Furious

    This is the key point: in 2018, digital tech is so advanced that we can play casino games without a drop off in quality. OK, so we're still working on the whole 4D thing, but for now many of us can load up fantastic 3D video slots, or simply hit the blackjack table, without waiting an eternity for pages to load or – the greatest bugbear of all – there's no lagging as we wait for the dealer to hand out the cards or spin the roulette wheel.

    Just imagine how the world of online casinos is going to change in the coming months and years as tech becomes even more advanced; these are truly exciting times.

  5. On the House

    Connoisseurs are well aware of the ‘house edge’ that a casino has over their players. All games, from slots to table games, have a built-in probability that dictates that over a long period of time the casino will ‘win’ over the average player.

    But as we know, it's possible for any individual, no matter how much money they have on their hip and no matter how much spare time they have to play casino games, to still get the upper hand.

    Coming back to the point about variety, land-based punters are always going to be governed by the games available in their local casino, yet online gamers can ‘shop around’ to find the slots with the best RTP rates and access the versions of roulette, blackjack etc that pay better or more regularly.

  6. Private Eye

    Many of us simply enjoy the anonymity of playing online. We can create a username that is wholly unique and completely ambiguous and nobody will know it's us.

    Not everyone is sociable and wants to interact with a dealer and their fellow players – and not everyone wants to get changed out of their pajamas at the weekend when they can just play their preferred casino games at home!