The Biggest Mobile Slot Wins Ever

May 2nd, 2018

We all dream of winning that million pound jackpot, preferably on the first spin. For some people this dream has come true; they have won thousands of pounds while gambling on the go. So what can you expect from playing slots on mobile?

Gaming on the go is always lauded for its ability to put the power of entertainment in the palm of your hand. By taking all the leading desktop casino games, shrinking them down to work on a mobile screen and then adding in touch controls, swiping and even shaking, the mobile betting experience is hugely engaging and dynamic. In among all the innovative features and ways to play remains the goal: the money you can win. Of course, prizes are always in the back of a player’s mind when they bet on the move. But it’s fair to say that many mobile casino developers, reviewers and players don’t put payouts out there as one of the medium’s major selling points.

Well, in this listicle, we’re going to do the opposite. With mobile casino gaming now evolving into the industry’s dominant force, we thought we’d take a look at some of the biggest mobile jackpot wins in history. Covering many of the major slots and table games, this rundown should give you an instant insight into how profitable mobile betting can be. Sure, you might not win a million every time you ante up (or possibly ever), but by showing you the biggest winners of all time, you’ll see what’s possible. Indeed, if you can win just a fraction of what these players banked, you’ll be more than happy you decided to bet with your mobile.

6. Gladiator Mobile Slot: £1.36 Million

Kicking off our rundown of the top slot payouts of all time is a win coming out of the UK. Hitting in June 2017 and all thanks to a £30 deposit, this Gladiator mobile jackpot turned one player into a millionaire. According to the story, Angela from Milton Keynes paid just £0.25 to spin the five reels and 25 paylines. Eventually, after five jackpot symbols rolled and the bonus game kicked in, the casual player saw £1.36 million deposited into her account. After her win Angela said: “I saw the amount and felt like I was in a dream. I just felt sick and didn’t know what to do with myself. It’s just completely amazing and will change everything for us.”

5. Gladiator Mobile Slot: £2 Million

Although Angela from Milton Keynes could lay claim to scooping the biggest Gladiator mobile win of 2017, it wasn’t a record. While Playtech’s progressive spinner isn’t as popular as the older Mega Moolah, it is a top spinner at many of the leading mobile casinos. Thanks to this, the jackpot reached the heady heights of £2 million back in 2013. With the counter hitting a new high, one unnamed player managed to set a record when they rolled in the right combination in October that year.

4. Mega Moolah Mobile: €6 Million/£5.2 Million

The first of our Mega Moolah mobile entries, this win hit at the start of 2017 and still stands as one of the game’s biggest payouts. What’s impressive about this win is that it was all part of a new player promo over at Captain Cook’s mobile casino. In a bid to take the number of site-made millionaires to seven, the site’s bonus team decided to give newbies 100 chances to score a seven-figure win. When an unnamed player from N.C. jumped aboard for the £5 entry fee, the end result was like a dream come true. Within a few spins, Mega Moolah’s random jackpot game kicked into life and the bonus wheel fell on the top jackpot worth a stonking £5.2 million.

3. Mega Moolah Mobile: €6.6 Million/£5.7 Million

Anything a mystery player from N.C. could do, a Zodiac Casino player known as CF could do better. Also taking place in 2017, this historic payout was also the result of a new player welcome bonus. However, in this instance, the entry fee was £1. So, instead of paying £5 and shooting for 100 ways to become a millionaire, CF anted up £1 for 80 chances to win big. With luck on their side, CF managed to win an impressive £5.7 million.

2. Mega Moolah Mobile: €8 Million/£7 Million

It used to be the record, but we’re confident the winner won’t be worried that their achievement was surpassed just a year later. Why? Well, because this Scottish spinner from Glasgow managed to roll in an all-time high payout on Mega Moolah mobile back in January 2016. Although we don’t know much else about the win, we do know the most important detail: they cashed in £7 million.

1. Mega Moolah Mobile: €8 Million/£7 Million

Although it might be splitting hairs to quibble over a few thousand pounds, the biggest ever Mega Moolah mobile jackpot struck in April 2017. Dropping at Tipico Casino from a single bet of just £5.50, the win not only changed the life of the mystery player, but reconfirmed that Mega Moolah is one of the best mobile slots in the business. For the sake of clarity and to separate the win from our second-place entry, the exact amount won was €8,012,153.35/£7,028,896.36. Following the epic win, Microgaming’s David Reynolds expressed his excitement both for the game and the lucky player: “To see our own record for the largest ever mobile jackpot payout break is fantastic. We’d like to congratulate the Tipico player on their life-changing win.”

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