The Best Table Games to Play on Mobile Devices

May 4th, 2018

The gambling industry is shifting to mobile with the amount of available mobile casinos and games increasing rapidly. So, what table games should you be playing on the go?

So you’ve picked your mobile device, downloaded one of our recommended mobile casinos and you’re ready to play. Thanks to innovations and advancements in the iGaming world, mobile casino sites are now packed to the rafters with features. Unlike the first mobile betting platforms where you couldn’t even make a deposit, today’s products now have everything you’ll find inside a desktop casino and more. In fact, what’s interesting about mobile casino, poker, bingo and sports betting is that it’s now taking over the industry.

Even a brief look at the UK Gambling Commission’s statistics shows that 51% of all the bets recorded in 2017 were on mobile devices. On top of that, usage of mobiles is on the increase. In 2015, the number of mobile bettors was just 10%, which shows players are gradually making the medium their go-to platform. With this being the case, we’ve picked out the best table games to play on mobile devices. Taking into account their ease of use, potential profitability and some unique features, the following games will give you the best experience possible when you game on the go.

Mobile Blackjack

If there’s one casino game that features the perfect combination of speed, anticipation and skill, blackjack is it. For that reason alone, it’s worth playing via your mobile. However, if the interface wasn’t set up to ensure you can pay with ease, mobile blackjack wouldn’t be fun. Fortunately, when you load up a product from the likes of Playtech and NetEnt, you’ll get access to a ton of quick-play features. From swiping up to bet your chips to one-touch re-bet buttons, it takes just a few seconds to play via your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Roulette

There are two reasons mobile roulette is worth playing. The first and most obvious is the fact that roulette is a casino classic. Walk into any live casino or join any online platform and you’ll see roulette. Because it’s been around for centuries and affords players at both ends of the skill spectrum an affordable way to play, it’s become a staple of the casino industry. The second reason mobile roulette can be fun is a shake-to-clear feature. Although this feature isn’t available at every casino, you can remove your bets by shaking your device at some hotspots. So, if you’ve filled the table with chips but then decide you’re not feeling the numbers, a simple shake will undo everything you’ve done and allow you to start afresh.

Mobile Scratchcards

One of the best things about playing casino games via your smartphone or tablet is that there is a greater connection with the interface. In other words, because you’re touching, swiping and shaking, the whole experience is more tactical and that makes everything feel more inclusive. Based on this, scratchcards are extremely impressive in the mobile arena. As you can mimic the scratching process you’d go through if you bought a real scratchcards, these games feel real. One of the problems some players have with virtual casino games is that they lack authenticity. Mobile scratch games address this issue and, what’s more, they have some generous jackpots worth more than £100,000.

Mobile Live Dealer Games

The reason we’ve included live dealer casino games in our list is because they’re just so impressive. In years gone by, this type of technology was too complex for mobile devices and, importantly, mobile internet connections. However, with mobile streaming sites such as Periscope showing that it’s possible to view real-time content in high definition, the likes of Playtech, Evolution and Microgaming have moved with the times.

Today, when you join the best online casinos, you’ll be able to connect with the leading live dealers in the business. What’s great about these games is that they actually feel more intuitive because we’re so used to talking to people via FaceTime or watching streams via Facebook. Thanks to these cultural trends, mobile live dealer games are now extremely engaging and, for that reason alone, they’re worth a look.

The point is, everything is more direct, efficient and accessible – the mobile betting experience is more engaging and the mobile table games mentioned above are proof of this. So, if you’re looking to have some fun, check out our top mobile casinos and start gaming on the go today.