Features that Enhance Your Mobile Gambling Experience

March 22nd, 2018

Smartphones have not only changed the way we communicate and interact with the world, it has also caused a rise in mobile casinos and gambling apps. Here are some of the features that transformed how we gamble on our phones.

The smartphone revolution has not only changed the way we communicate and interact with the world, it has also caused a rise in online mobile casinos and gambling apps. Software designers and casino operators were quick to latch on to the trend of smartphones and tablets, and swiftly adapted the business to follow suit. Here are some of the features that transformed how we gamble on our phones.

Touch Screens

One of the most intuitive ideas of the modern smartphone was to enable the small screen with touch capabilities, allowing users to tap or swipe instead of pressing physical buttons at the bottom of the handset or tablet. With gambling, this makes it easier for players to spin a slot machine or pick which cards to play.

You could even argue that gambling on a mobile is more immersive, as players interact with the screen using a similar action as they would in real life, like like spinning a roulette wheel or swiping away scratch cards.

Dedicated Mobile Apps

In the early days of online gambling, casinos needed you to download programs and software in order to play online. These days, most casinos run on a browser, making it quick and easy. However, some casinos have not made their websites responsive, so the desktop design does not easily translate to a smaller screen.

Casinos looked to the recent past for the answer, creating a dedicated casino app for your smartphone or tablet. Not only are they tailored specifically for these devices, but many are designed with nifty features like fingerprint or one-tap login. Some even allow offline play, so you don’t need to have an internet connection to enjoy the games.

Graphics and Sound

With the reduction in scale of the game screen from computer to smartphone, you would be mistaken for thinking that the quality of the game’s graphics or sound would also diminish. Instead, game designers created brand new application tools such as Touch technology from NetEnt to build games specifically for mobile devices.

Not only did they use the touchscreen interface, but they made sure that the quality of the graphics and sound were not affected. In some cases, the high-quality smartphone screen improved the experience for gamblers by showing the 3D graphics up close and at their highest resolution.

Pay Through Your Mobile Bill

A growing feature among many casinos is to offer members a wide variety of payment methods, including systems such as Boku or Zimpler that allow you to pay directly through your mobile phone bill. This means that customers are not sending any security data or card information, and the funds come out of their next phone bill. If you’re using Boku, there’s a daily limit of £30 set by phone carriers, while Zimpler’s limit is set by the casino.

The 'Minimised Hamburger' Menu

The three horizontal lines symbol, commonly known as a hamburger icon, has quickly become synonymous with menu options. It usually resides at the top left or right of the screen, and allows casino designers to create and then hide it in the hamburger off-screen, so the mobile phone’s small display is not cluttered with lots of menu options or games.

Live Mobile Casino

Live Casinos beam real-life dealers working in custom-built studios to players all around the world. This would have been impossible on mobile devices a few years ago, but with improvements in Wi-Fi speeds and the sheer processing power of smartphones or tablets, gamblers can enjoy the live casino experience wherever they are. This offers a more authentic gaming experience without the need to go to a bricks-and-mortar casino.

Available On The Go

Mobile devices are with us wherever we go, whether that’s out for a walk, in a café, or on a bus or train. When you log on to an online gambling site, your phone becomes your own personal casino in the palm of your hand. Gamblers no longer need to be sat in front of a computer or wait until they visit a bricks-and-mortar casino before they spin some slots or play cards.

Mobile casinos allow you to gamble anywhere that has a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, and in this modern digital age the coverage is almost absolute.