Advantages of Using Casino Apps

April 4th, 2018

Casinos of all types are becoming more dependent on the mobile market. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to take a look at why casino apps are a good choice for gaming.

With the future of online casinos (and real-world ones, too) looking increasingly dependent on the mobile market, now's the perfect time to take a look at why casino apps are a good choice for gaming. As we'll see, even though most online casinos are starting to make sure their sites are compatible with mobile devices, there are still some specific advantages to using apps.


While casino sites make sure they take every precaution when it comes to security and the safeguarding of your information, there are unfortunately always a few bad apples who'll try to find a way to breach this. Apps take security one step further.

Thanks to the fact that apps are available for download from either Android or Apple stores, it's easy for prospective users to get a feel for what they're like thanks to the user review and score system. If you're considering downloading an app for a casino you're not sure is totally trustworthy, then the reviews will often give you a good idea of what to expect.

There are also a number of technical aspects that can make an app much more secure. Firstly, apps use two-factor authentication more easily – your phone or mobile device itself becomes an additional security factor.

Apps can also have embedded certificates, which makes them even more effective than browsers for stopping any potential 'man in the middle' attacks. What's more, (without getting too technical) apps can make better use of the mobile API gateway. Browsers trade off a certain amount of security for convenience, whereas an app doesn't have to.


Talking of convenience, it's certainly one of the most obvious benefits of using a casino app. You can take your favourite games and online casinos with you wherever you go. Make sure you've got a device charger with you, and as long as you have internet access you'll be able to enjoy a few spins or rounds of table games whether you're on a lunch break or a long journey.

Easy sign-up

Signing up via an app is often quicker than going through the new member process of an online casino. Things are made even easier thanks to the fact that apps can access the required information directly from your device (provided you give it permission, of course). This makes adding passwords or banking and payment methods swifter and more secure, as they can be added via the app itself or by using secure third-party password and personal detail managing apps.

Optimised experience

Even though many online casinos ensure their sites are optimised for both mobile and desktop platforms, apps still have the edge when it comes to user experience. No matter how well designed a mobile site will be, apps have far more personalisation options available, which can benefit both the user and the casino. The casino can get a much better, in-depth understanding of how users are interacting with their games and app.

What's more, it's easier for apps to keep you up to date thanks to both in-app and push notifications. If you're waiting for some important odds information for example, this is one of the most reliable ways your online casino can communicate them to you – especially if you're multitasking or have your casino app closed.

It also means you'll get instant notification of offers, membership bonuses, or promotions. While you're certain to find the same information on a casino's mobile site, you won't get as personalised – and as fast – an experience.

Overall then, while fairly subtle in most regards, there are still plenty of good reasons to choose an app where possible. While all apps do require a download, they're normally small enough to be negligible in terms of time and space required, although it's worth noting that if you play at lots of different casinos they can quickly build up.

The big advantages are security and the user experience in the end – the extra authentication steps an app introduces, combined with the fact that you can get notifications about games, odds, or new promotions certainly beats waiting for an email (which you can easily miss). It's also likely that as mobile integration for casinos gets better and better, apps will still be a clear app advantage for quite some time.

The moral of the story then, is if the casino's got an app, it's definitely worth downloading if you're a regular player.